Limma package for Agilent microarray Image Analysis
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Dear mailers, I am interested in using Limma to analyze my single-color Agilent microarray data. Before that, since I am new to Bioconductor/R/Limma, I just wanted to clear some of my doubts (I think I have asked some parts of these questions earlier also). I hope somebody will be able to help me in this regard. 1) I have TIFF images scanned using Agilent Feature Extraction software. Can Limma accept TIFF images and work on it? or it will only accept txt files? 2) Can Limma produce an output files that can be used as an input file for GeneSpring? I would like to use GeneSpring downstream to Limma. 3) Also, how good is the idea of using Limma in case if I do not have any replicates? Thank you so much in advance, Karthik [[alternative HTML version deleted]]
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