nem package, nem.BN learning with 'continuous_Baysian' not possible
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Hi, In the package 'nem' I encountered a problem when trying to learn a nem as the bayesian network version. I think this results from different spellings of the word 'continuous'. Setting the the mode in the default parameters suggests 'continous_Baysian', which gets checkt in the function nem(). However the internal function nem.BN checks for 'continuous_Baysian' in order to run. Here a toy example with the errors I get: Phi = sampleRndNetwork(paste("S",1:5,sep="")) D = sampleData(Phi, 100, type="density")$D hyper=set.default.parameters(paste("S",1:5,sep="")) hyper$mode="continous_Bayesian" resultBN = nem(D, inference="BN.greedy", control=hyper) # gives: Error in score_BN(BN, mode = mode, loc = rep, ...) : inexistant mode hyper$mode="continuous_Bayesian" resultBN = nem(D, inference="BN.greedy", control=hyper) # gives: Error in nem.BN(D, "greedy", mode = control$mode, Pm = control$Pm, lambda = control$lambda, : # Unknown mode ' continuous_Bayesian ' Maybe I am doing something wrong here, but the option 'continuous_Bayesian' seems currently not usable to me. Regards Juliane
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