Agilent Dual channel array input & marray
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Hello ! I'm trying to load Agilent txt data into R. I'm new to marray package: This is the way I'm proceeding: library(marray) maData=read.Agilent(fnames="input.txt",name.Rf="rProcessedSignal", name.Gf="gProcessedSignal", name.Rb=NULL, name.Gb=NULL, names="NULL") Error in 1:n : NA/NaN argument I know this error shows when there's some blank data in input. It's the *.txt generated by Agilent Array I didn't modify at all. Thanks ! Regards, Guillermo. -- Guillermo Marco Puche ---------------------------------------------------------------------- -- Guillermo Marco Puche Bioinformatician, Computer Science Engineer. Sistemas Gen?micos S.L. Phone: +34 902 364 669 Fax: +34 902 364 670 <https:"" web_sg="" web="" areas-="" bioinformatica.php=""> ---------------------------------------------------------------------- --
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