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Abhi, Great to hear from someone using ReportingTools "in the wild". I'm glad you are finding it useful. I only see two requests in your message, though you mentioned having 3. I will answer the one about images first. It is entirely possible to have multiple images per row. The "adding plots or links to a report table" section of the basic ReportingTools vignette describes how to add or customize columns within a table, including columns whose contents are images. Having multiple images per row is as simple as adding multiple image columns to the table. As for aligning the entire report, formal support for custom CSS is a feature which we hope to have in the next version of ReportingTools, but didn't make it into this one. That said, you have both full control over the publishing methods and direct access to the DOM so I believe there are various things you can do to override the alignment of a specific table (or all tables, etc) with the current version. I'm not on a computer that has ReportingTools installed right now (and its a bit of a beast with all its dependencies), but I will send a follow up message tomorrow once I'm able to confirm what I have in mind actually works. ~G -- Gabriel Becker Graduate Student Statistics Department University of California, Davis [[alternative HTML version deleted]]
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