QC for HT HGU133A and U133A X3P
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Dear colleagues, I need some QC tests (scale factor, background level, GADPH, beta- actin and other) for these two chips. ht_hgu133a chip is very similar to the hgu133a chip and I can use hgu133acdf.qcdef file for this analysis (see this: https://stat.ethz.ch/pipermail/bioconductor/2011-October/041603.html). But I need to use another QC method from yaqcaffy package (spike controls for lys, phe, thr, dap) and it's not possible to change any file in yaqc library I think. For another chip, U133A X3P I've not found any information about QC. I suppose this chip is very similar to hgu133plus2 chip but I'm not sure. And, the question about yaqcaffy package remains open. Is it possible to use simpleaffy and yaqcaffy packages methods for these two chips? Thank you! Kirill Prusov
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