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Hi I am analyzing microarray data *of Plasmodium falciparum* parasite , un like the normal CGH, we have CY3 labeled complicated malaria vs. CY5 labeled Uncomplicated malaria so here ratio is between uncomplicated vs. complicated i.e., CY3/CY5, but I also want to know what is the copy number variation in CY3 labeled sample and cy5 labeled sample individually because both of them are disease conditions, so is there any way to analyze this data, Steps which I am following is: · I have taken g mean intensity of probes labeled with cy3 and cy5 · Taken a standard deviation of background mean intensities, then multiplied this mean intensity with 2.6, · After multiplying added with bg mean intensity and then subtracted with the gmean intensity · Is this the right manner of anlaysing this data · Or is there any other way out, since I am new to this I need to know in which way should I proceed please help me out Array platform is Agilent array 44k and for only single array, and please let me know is there any way to find out how many fold the copy number variation is taking place Regards Isha Pandey Email-, [[alternative HTML version deleted]]
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