CAMERA output to Neutral Monoisotopic Mass
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Greetings, I have completed some analysis with CAMERA and have the annotated ion output. I would like to upload the files to Metabosearch for identification. However, I am unable to upload the files into Metabosearch. The files are .xlsx format, column names are correct, but I can't get them to upload. I have discovered that if I omit some adducts, such as [M+H-CO2], then a shortened file will upload. This leads me to an initial question if known, is Metabosearch unable to accept certain adducts? My second question, hopefully more applicable to this mailing list, how would one convert the mz values to the neutral monoisotopic values from the camera output? If I can convert them I would be able to avoid the aforementioned compatibility problem and just upload the mz values. This may actually be something simple that I just can't see at this point but any guidance would be immensely appreciated. Regards -- Charles Determan Integrated Biosciences PhD Candidate University of Minnesota [[alternative HTML version deleted]]
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