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Visit the Fred Hutch job posting for additional details and application process; contact mtmorgan @ for more information.


The Bioconductor project ( seeks an individual to join our software development team. Bioconductor is prominent in the development and distribution of open-source software for analysis and comprehension of high-throughput genetic data (e.g., sequencing, microarray, annotation, flow cytometry). Bioconductor is based on the R language for statistical analysis, and consists of nearly 1000 software packages developed and used internally and by a vibrant international community.


This unique opportunity emphasizes scientific computing software engineering. The applicant will have responsibility for overall design and implementation of software packages for scalable R / Bioconductor infrastructure and data resources to integrate complex, heterogeneous, and large cancer genomic experiments. The applicant will work independently or under immediate technical direction. The successful applicant will work with the core Bioconductor team, with strong interactions between team members and the broader user and developer community. The applicant will become and maintain familiarity with the bioinformatic needs of our users.  The applicant will share responsibility with other team members for routine maintenance of our large base of existing and user-contributed packages.


The majority of the applicant's duties will focus on algorithm development and implementation, including creative solutions to large volume data management and processing challenges. The applicant will use the R programming language and Bioconductor data representations; familiarity with C / C++ is expected. The applicant will actively participate in our Agile-like development process. A significant minority of the applicant's duties involve overall project and end-user support, including routine package maintenance, technical review of user-contributed packages, and end-user support through our established public channels.


  1. Bachelor’s (Master’s or higher preferred) degree with three years of experience in computer science, statistics, biostatistics, or related disciplines.
  2. 2 or more years experience with software development in relevant programming languages, for example R, C / C++, python.
  3. Experience with software development best practices appropriate for small teams, for instance use of version control, unit tests, agile project management, and creation of end-user documentation.
  4. Familiarity with statistical concepts and methods.


  1. Experience with high-volume genetic data, such as from sequence analysis pipelines.
  2. Familiarity with bioinformatic work flows, especially related to sequence.
  3. Familiarity with parallel and cluster-based processing and other high-performance computing environments.
  4. Experience and enthusiasm for diverse programming languages and paradigms.
  5. Familiarity with R's S4 object-oriented system, and with core Bioconductor software packages (e.g., GenomicRanges, Biostrings).
  6. Willingness to interact directly with end-users through our support forum and regular training opportunities. 
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