News:RNAseq data analysis courses: Torino (Italy) : Beginner course March 17-19 2015 & Advance Course April 14-16 2015
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Italy/Turin/University of Torino

The Bioinformatics and Genomics unit,

also this year we are repeating two RNAseq data analysis courses.

Previous editions were very successful with people coming from various part of Europe, USA and Australia.

The courses combine lessons and hands-on training and they are particularly suitable for biologists/bioinformaticians which are new to Next Generation Sequencing technology.
The aims of the courses are:
1) facilitate the interaction between wet biologists and bionformaticians
2) providing  to biologists simplified tools for basic RNA-seq analysis.
3) providing bioinformaticians tips and tricks to analyse RNAseq data.

All courses are based on the use of Bioconductor packages.

More info at:

Links to the pdf booklets summarizing the course programs:
1) Introductory course on RNAseq data analysis, Torino (Italy) March 17-19 2015:

Registration deadline March the 1st 2015

2) Advance course in RNAseq data analysis, Torino (Italy) April 14-16 2015:

Registration deadline April the 1st 2015

The Organizer

Raffaele A Calogero


Prof. Raffaele A. Calogero
Bioinformatics and Genomics Unit
MBC Centro di Biotecnologie Molecolari
Via Nizza 52, Torino 10126
tel.   ++39 0116706457
Fax    ++39 0112366457
Mobile ++39 3333827080

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