readFCS truncates the data that is out of instrument range
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The default behavior of 'read.FCS' is to compare the data values with the 'instrument range' (stored in '$PnR' keyword of the header) and truncate those out-of-range values to the maximum `instrument range` (i.e. '262144' here what you've observed).

I've pushed a fix so that you can disable this default truncation by `truncate_max_range = FALSE'.


> On 05/18/2015 02:37 PM, Kieran Mace wrote:

>> Hi there,
>> I was wondering if you could help me troubleshoot a problem I am having using flowCore.
>> when i use readFCS to import a file, I find that the maximum value for a column (in my case time) of 262144.0 (= 2^18).
>> the time values for my experiment get much higher than this. is there a way that i can increase the maximum number of the doubles in this column when I do an import? I have tested this with matlab and it seems to not have the same problem.
>> -Kieran

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