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Three ways of doing this:

1. add a boolean gate to the existing GatingSet

    #say you want a combination of cytokine gates: '4+/IFNg', '4+/TNFa', '4+/IL2'
    #simply construct a booleanFilter object
    boolgate <- booleanFilter(`4+/IFNg & 4+/TNFa & 4+/IL2`)
    #  or
    char2booleanFilter("4+/IFNg & 4+/TNFa & 4+/IL2") # takes a character as input which is more programmatic
    #then add to GatingSet, if name is not supplied, then the entire expression string is used to name the new gate

    add(gs, boolgate, parent="4+", name = "myBool")
    #compute the gate
    recompute(gs, "myBool")
    #get the count
    getTotal(gs, "myBool")
    #delete the gate if it is no longer needed
    Rm("myBool", gs)

2. or there is one wrapper function does all the above steps in one call

    #calculate boolean indices
       ind.list <- getIndices(gs,quote(`4+/IFNg & 4+/TNFa & 4+/IL2`))
       #count the events
       count <- lapply(ind.list, function(ind)length(which(ind)))

3. if you don't like the idea of adding new gates, you can grab the event indices from each gate and do the boolean operations on them

    #get indices for each gate
    ind1.list <- getIndice((gs, 'cd4/IFNg')
    ind2.list <- getIndice((gs, 'cd4/TNFa')
    ind3.list <- getIndice((gs, 'cd4/IL2')
    #combine these indices
    ind.list <- mapply(ind1.list, ind2.list, ind3.list, FUN = function(ind1, ind2,ind3)ind1&ind2&ind3)
    #count events
    count <- lapply(ind.list, function(ind)length(which(ind)))

On 05/29/2015 02:29 AM, John Aponte wrote:

Dear Mike,

We would need to calculate the number of events for boolean combination of gates. I wonder if you could guide me on how this numbers can be obtained?

Best regards




John J. Aponte

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