What is the best way to get help on Bioconductor packages?
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McGill University, Canada

There are number of Bioconductor packages published. If anyone have some problem, how can they really contact the authors of the package, to get the help or to ask about their doubts?

After getting stuck a number of times, I google the problem, and if I don't find answer, I write email to the authors. Among the emails I wrote in past, I received only one response for my problem, that I was facing with qusage package. I am not mentioning about the package for which I didn't get any response from authors. 

I know that one way could be to to post query on Bioconductor Support. Can there be a online forum or service, by which, the authors of the package also get an online page for that package, to ask question, may be at the end of the page of their package on Bioconductor website. I believe that author of the package would be able to able to answer more clearly to the questions of users. 

Just creating a package, publishing it and forgetting is not good!

I have also posted same on Biostars website.

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Dan Tenenbaum ★ 8.2k
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United States

Post the question here to the support site and be sure to tag it with the name of the package you are asking about. Include the complete output from your session (which should include all commands you typed and the response from R, as well as your sessionInfo()). Read the posting guide.


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