biplot diagram of PCA analysis differs from plot of variables
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I made a PCA analysis of mz 94x20 matrix:

pca_<-dudi.pca(df = rg, scannf = F, nf = 2)

and displayed the result with scatter(pca_, posieig = "bottomright").

I wanted to see only the variables, so I wrote


The variables were grouped differently on the first plot then on the second. Why?


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This question is only tangential to Bioconductor, as the made4 package uses the CRAN ade4 package internally. So one could argue that it is better asked on R-help.

That said, you need to read and understand the help page for the functions you are using. In the help page for dudi.pca() it says:


     Returns a list of classes ‘pca’ and ‘dudi’ (see dudi) containing
     the used information for computing the principal component
     analysis :

     tab: the data frame to be analyzed depending of the transformation
          arguments (center and scale)

      cw: the column weights

      lw: the row weights

     eig: the eigenvalues

    rank: the rank of the analyzed matrice

      nf: the number of kept factors

      c1: the column normed scores i.e. the principal axes

      l1: the row normed scores

      co: the column coordinates

      li: the row coordinates i.e. the principal components

So if you use scatterplot(), you get a PCA plot. If you directly plot pca_$co, you do not because you aren't plotting the principal components.


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