ChIPQC showed errors 'nnodes' must be >= 1
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When I used ChIPQC, I followed the manuals to construct a sample sheet (name is "examplefile.csv"), and then run:

>a <- read.csv("examplefile.csv")

>b = aa = ChIPQC(a, annotation=NULL)

air_k14_2 air_k14_2 air1   1 bed
air_k14_8 air_k14_8 air1   2 bed
air_k23_3 air_k23_3 air1   1 bed
air_k23_9 air_k23_9 air1   2 bed
air_k9_25 air_k9_25 air1   1 bed
air_k9_27 air_k9_27 air1   2 bed
C2H4_k14_5 C2H4_k14_5 C2H4-1   1 bed
C2H4_k14_11 C2H4_k14_11 C2H4-1   2 bed
C2H4_k23_6 C2H4_k23_6 C2H4-1   1 bed
C2H4_k23_12 C2H4_k23_12 C2H4-1   2 bed
C2H4_k9_26 C2H4_k9_26 C2H4-1   1 bed
C2H4_k9_28 C2H4_k9_28 C2H4-1   2 bed
Computing metrics for 16 samples...
Error in (function (nnodes = getOption("mc.cores", 2L), ...)  :
  'nnodes' must be >= 1


When I use the same "examplefile.csv" file for DiffBind analysis, it works very well.

So, I don't know why the ChIPQC doesn't work.

Any help would be appreciated!!

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