"Error: object 'nuID' not found" error when using `returnAllMatches=TRUE` in `IlluminaID2nuID()`
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When I try to execute IlluminaID2nuID(), something like this:

IlluminaID2nuID("ILMN_11214", returnAllMatches=TRUE)
IlluminaID2nuID("ILMN_16343", returnAllMatches=TRUE)

- I get an error: "Error: object 'nuID' not found" (for both examples). I googled but could not find any information about this error.

Without returnAllMatches=TRUE, it behaves differently:

IlluminaID2nuID("ILMN_11214") # returns correct output, no errors or warnings
IlluminaID2nuID("ILMN_16343") # returns correct output, but gives a warning

the last example shows a warning:

Warning message:
In if (!is.na(chipInfo$IDType)) { :
  the condition has length > 1 and only the first element will be used

which also looks not very clear for me...

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