error while buliding database in readCufflinks in CummeRbund package
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Dear All,

I am analyzing RNAseq data to study DEGs in two diffrent conditions. i don't have any replicate for my samples. tophat->cufflinks->cuffdiff pipeline is completed and now i want to plot graphs using cummeRbund. while creating a database using readCufflinks package i am getting following error.

Creating database E:/cuff_out/cuffData.db
Reading Run Info File E:/cuff_out/
Writing runInfo Table
Reading Read Group Info E:/cuff_out/
Writing replicates Table
Error in sqliteSendQuery(con, statement, : 
rsqlite_query_send: could not execute: UNIQUE constraint failed: replicates.rep_name

Can anyone please help me to solve this.?

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