count overlapping reads for CpG islands and annotate with gene names?
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I am using Ensembl gene model for rat. I want to count reads that are mapped to CpG islands which overlaps with the regions flanked by  geneStart-2kbase and geneStop + 2kbase. I want to avoid false read count by reads mapped to non-methylated areas,  therefore I want count reads overlapping CpG islands only. These are main steps I am thinking about:

  1. Get genomic ranges for CpG islands.
  2. Count reads overlapping CpG islands using `htseq` or `Rsubread`
  3. Load gene model and extend genes ranges with 2kb up and downstream.
  4. Find overlapping CpG islands with the extended gene ranges
  5. Sum read counts of CpG island groupby geneNames.

What are packages and methods for each of these steps? Any suggestion about alternative workflow is also very welcom.


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