Question: Plotting Differentially Methylated Regions
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I have employed several DMR finding methods and I'm now interested in visualizing the region.

I would like to visualize the individual methylation level of each CpG for every observation in the DMR (y-axis) across the genomic location (x-axis) with a loess line by levels of a factor variable.

This type of plot appears in the original minfi paper (Fig. 5-6A) and also the origianl bump hunting manuscript (Fig. 1).

Are there any functions within minfi to achieve this or other resources? Any help could be greatly appreciated.

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Answer: Plotting Differentially Methylated Regions
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Following code has been extracted from Daniel Hansen Lab Github course on 450K analysis ( I hope it helps.

Plotting DMRs

As with DMPs, it's always a good idea to plot DMRs. r Biocpkg("minfi") does not currently include any functionality for doing this directly but will soon[^soon]. In the mean time, we can (with a little bit of a work) make a publication-quality figure using the r Biocpkg("Gviz").

[^soon]: Famous last words ...

NOTE: This figure takes a while to generate because r Biocpkg("Gviz") needs to first download some data.

genome <- "hg19"
# NOTE: Using the non-permuted 
dmr <- bh_dmrs$table[1, ]
chrom <- dmr$chr
start <- dmr$start
end <- dmr$end
minbase <- start - 0.25 * (end - start)
maxbase <- end + 0.25 * (end - start)
pal <- c("#E41A1C", "#377EB8")

# Start building the tracks
iTrack <- IdeogramTrack(genome = genome, 
                        chromosome = dmr$chr, 
                        name = "")
gTrack <- GenomeAxisTrack(col = "black", 
                          cex = 1, 
                          name = "", 
                          fontcolor = "black")
# NOTE: This track takes a little while to create
rTrack <- UcscTrack(genome = genome, 
                    chromosome = chrom, 
                    track = "refGene",
                    from = minbase,
                    to = maxbase, 
                    trackType = "GeneRegionTrack",
                    rstarts = "exonStarts", 
                    rends = "exonEnds", 
                    gene = "name",
                    symbol = "name2", 
                    transcript = "name",
                    strand = "strand",
                    fill = "darkblue",
                    stacking = "squish", 
                    name = "RefSeq",
                    showId = TRUE, 
                    geneSymbol = TRUE)
# methylation data track
gr <- granges(GRset.funnorm)
gr$beta <- getBeta(GRset.funnorm)
methTrack <- DataTrack(range = gr,
                       groups = targets$status,
                       genome = genome,
                       chromosome = chrom, 
                       ylim = c(-0.05, 1.05), 
                       col = pal,
                       type = c("a","p"), 
                       name = "DNA Meth.\n(beta value)",
                       background.panel = "white", 
                       legend = TRUE, 
                       cex.title = 0.8,
                       cex.axis = 0.8, 
                       cex.legend = 0.8)
# DMR position data track
dmrTrack <- AnnotationTrack(start = start, 
                            end = end, 
                            genome = genome, 
                            name = "DMR",
                            chromosom = chrom)
# Finally, plot the tracks
tracks <- list(iTrack, gTrack, methTrack, dmrTrack, rTrack)
sizes <- c(2, 2, 5, 2, 3) # set up the relative sizes of the tracks
           from = minbase, 
           to = maxbase, 
           showTitle = TRUE, 
           add53 = TRUE,
           add35 = TRUE, 
           grid = TRUE, 
           lty.grid = 3, 
           sizes = sizes, 
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Answer: Plotting Differentially Methylated Regions
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United Kingdom

You could also try the gtrellis bioconductor package; see example form DMR

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