Create list of genes within each GOslim term
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mirko • 0
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Hello everyone,

I am trying to create a list containing all GOslim sets for Homo Sapiens, where each element of the list is a vector containing the genes associated to a given gene set.

That is to say, I would like to create an object that looks like this:

$`first gene set`
[1] "geneID 1" "geneID 2" "geneID 3" "geneID 4"

$`second gene set`
[1] "geneID 5" "geneID 6" "geneID 7"

$`third gene set`
[1] "geneID 2"  "geneID 8"  "geneID 9"  "geneID 10"

I don't have that much experience with GO.db, and I wonder whether someone could explain me how to do that.

Thanks for any help,


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