Null model in SVA for patient paired test comparing tumor vs normal
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Hi All,


I have TCGA RNAseq data comprising normal and tumor pairs for 100 patients. I am trying to identify DE genes between tumor and normal in a paired test manner. I am applying SVA to remove potential unknown batch effect. I would highly appreciate some help on these following questions!


1) The design matrix is ~ patient + Tumor to perform paired test. So should I include patient variable in the null model? or null model should be just an intercept?

2) How many SVs should I use in DE analysis? I am now using only the first two.

3) Should I explicitly tell svaseq to give me 2 SVs or I leave empty so that svaseq will estimate it by itself?


My current code is as below. Many thanks!

design <- model.matrix(~ patientFactor + tumorFactor)
mod0 <- model.matrix(~ 1, svaInfo)
svseq <- svaseq(as.matrix(norm_EDA[use,]), design, mod0)
SV1 <- svseq$sv[,1]
SV2 <- svseq$sv[,2]

dds_sva <- DESeq2::DESeqDataSetFromMatrix(countData =round(dat,0),
                                         colData = cbind(info,SV1,SV2),
                                         design = ~ SV1 + SV2 + patient + status)

dds_sva <- DESeq(dds_sva)



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1. You would include patient in the null model since you are comparing the null of just a patient effect to the alternative of a patient effect plus a tumor effect (basically the null model has all the variables you want to adjust for except the variable you care about. the alternative model is all of those variables plus the thing you care about). 

2. Several people elect to use just 2. You can also use the function to select the number of SVs

3. If you don't give to svaseq it will select the number for you. 

You might also read up on paired designs with edgeR/DESeq here:

Section 3.5 of the edgeR user guide for how to set up the design matrix:

* Section 1.6 of the DEseq2 guide:


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