Gene Ontology and Gene Set Enrichment
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Hi all, I'm right now working with a RNA-seq raw count data file (in .txt format). It's a matrix of ~50,000 genes (row) and 8 samples (column).

My assignment is to get differential gene ontology and gene set enrichment. But I'm not really sure what it means by that. I'm trying to use R for this task, and when I googled for gene ontology analysis in R, there are several packages that are designed to get GO and GSE. But, if I'm starting with a raw count data file, which package do you recommend for this task?

Also, if one wants to see gene ontology, what exactly they mean by that (probably like an example of ideal results)?

I'm really new to bioinformatics and R, so please explain from the scratch.

Thanks a lot!!


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WEHI, Melbourne, Australia

Here is a complete analysis workflow for an RNA-seq dataset:

This example analysis includes both gene ontology and gene set enrichment analyses as well as two different types of MA plots.

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Luo Weijun ★ 1.6k
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You may use the RNA-Seq Data Pathway and Gene-set Analysis Workflows with GAGE/Pathview: It is a full workflow from preparation, reads counting, data preprocessing, gene set test, to pathway visualization in about 40 lines of codes. The same workflow can be used for GO analysis or other types of gene set analysis too. We also describe joint workflows, i.e. to do gene-level analysis using one of the major RNA-Seq analysis tools.
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Guangchuang Yu ★ 1.2k
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maybe you can follow this workflow:


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