Copying Amazon Bioconductor AMI to another zone
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Dear Bioconductor team,

I would like to take advantage of the Bioconductor AMIs in the Amazon cloud that are listed here. As documented, these AMIs only exist in the US-East-1 region. Unfortunately, I can only generate VM instance in another region, e.g. us-west-1

I tried to copy the AMI into that zone using the following command, but got the error shown below:

aws ec2 copy-image --source-image-id ami-abd0b3bc --source-region us-east-1 --region us-west-1 --name "Bioconductor 3.3"

An error occurred (InvalidRequest) when calling the CopyImage operation: You do not have permission to access the storage of this ami

It seems that copying an AMI across accounts requires that the owner enables read access to the stored image, as documented here:

The owner of the account must grant read permissions on the storage that backs the AMI, whether it is an associated EBS snapshot (for an Amazon EBS-backed AMI) or an associated Amazon S3 bucket (for an instance-store-backed AMI). To allow other accounts to copy your AMIs, you must grant read permissions on your associated snapshot or bucket using the Amazon EBS or Amazon S3 access management tools.

When an AMI is copied, the owner of the source AMI is charged standard Amazon EBS or Amazon S3 transfer fees, and the owner of the target AMI is charged for storage in the destination region.

Would it be possible to enable read access to the associated snapshot or bucket? 

Thanks a lot,


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Hi Thomas,

I've made the snapshots public which should make the AMIs accessible for copying. Give it another try and let us know if you have problems.


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Awesome, the aws ec2 copy-image command now works. Thanks a lot for enabling this so quickly!


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