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shepherl 3.9k
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United States

Hello Bioconductor community,

The Bioconductor team is considering deprecating the generation of Bioconductor release AMI's. The team itself has migrated away from using AMI's in favor of docker images for the common use cases of Bioconductor courses and workshops. We wanted community feedback if anyone is still using the provided Bioconductor release AMI's and what your current use case is?

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Peter Hickey ▴ 740
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WEHI, Melbourne, Australia

Hi Lori,

I've used the AMIs for teaching Bioconductor at my workplace. It makes life much easier by ensuring everyone is on the same computing setup for a tutorial/workshop. We also already have an Amazon billing account, so that's convenient.

I'm not wedded to the AMIs specifically but I would advocate for having a similarly easy setup for people to run their own Bioconductor-based workshops outside of the auspices of the BioC/BioC Asia/BioC Europe conferences. I assume that's achievable with the Docker images. Having some supporting documentation on ways to spin up Docker-based instances using Amazon/Google/other common cloud providers would be welcomed.

Cheers, Pete

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Thank you for providing your use case. We will consider all usecases before deciding to official deprecate the AMI's and if the AMI's are discounted we will absolutely provide documentation/information on a similar solution with dockers.

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Just as an FYI, the documentation and dockerfiles at are intended to get one rolling with any docker client. The container is intended to provide all runtime support for all Bioc packages and any CRAN dependencies these packages declare. We will definitely provide working examples on multiple cloud providers in the very near future.


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