Deleted:Creation of different UCSC Annotation tracks (CpG Island, TSS, TFBS) from hg38
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Hi all,

I need to import an annotation object containing different UCSC annotation tracks which includes CpG Island, TSS, TFBS and promoters for my DNA Methylation analysis. In table browser I am selecting:

Clade : Mammal

Genome : Human

Assembly : latest one (Currently GRCh38/hg38)

Group: All tracks

Tracks: CpG islands

But I am not able to get the TSS and TFBS.

My question is where to get TSS and TFBS annotations for hg38, and Do I need to create separate bed files for each track and concatenate?

I am first time working with the sequencing data analysis so may be my questions are basic in nature, and I am missing some very common resource for this.


Best Rakesh

NGS UCSCTableBrowser Annotation Methylation hg38 • 80 views
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