problem with contrastive principal component analysis (cPCA)
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Hi all,

I am working with scPCA R package to do contrastive PCA analysis. The dimension of my background dataset is 73 / 1374 and my target dataset is 445 / 13741. (samples in rows and features in columns) This is my script:

cpca_sim <- scPCA(target = df_scaled[ ,-1],
                  background = ortholog_scaled,
                  n_centers = 4,
                  penalties = 0,
                  parallel = T)

I am getting this error

Error in result[[njob]] <- value : attempt to select less than one element in OneIndex
Error in serialize(data, node$con, xdr = FALSE) : error writing to connection

Am I doing sth wrong? Can anyone help me to get rid of this error?

Many thanks!

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