Format roxgen comment (alternative to formatR)
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ZheFrench ▴ 40
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From BiocCheck :

  • NOTE: Consider shorter lines; 501 lines (14%) are > 80 characters long.

Most of these lines are roxygen comments.

formatR package says :

Also note that single lines of long comments will be wrapped into shorter ones automatically when wrap = TRUE, but roxygen comments will not be wrapped (i.e., comments that begin with #').

Don't tell me I have to do this one line per line. Please.

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Mike Smith ★ 6.1k
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In my opinion anything tagged as a "NOTE" in the output if BiocCheck is advisory. The package review process is a discussion and, while I can't speak for everyone, I would expect a reviewer to be pragmatic with something like this. If the styling is consistent and still relatively easy to read then I would not expect it to be a mandatory requirement to change line lengths. However if your lines are thousands of characters long and you rely on editor word wrapping I would expect you to be asked to change it - hopefully formatR does something sensible. I put the "indentation is not a multiple of 4 spaces" NOTE in the same category.

If you do want to format Roxygen comments and use RStudio you can press ctrl + shift + / with the cursor inside a Roxygen block and it will automatically format all the lines in the comment block to the default editor line length. This makes it pretty easy to get everything meeting the line length limit.

As an aside, package development questions are best submitted to the devel mailing list at . You'll have to register there as part of the submission too.


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