#SeqSQC error: Problem while converting vcf format to gds format
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An error occurred when I tried to convert our sample vcf to GDS format. Even after providing the read, write, and edit permissions for all the input files it is showing the warning. Any thoughts as to where I am going wrong?

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sessionInfo( )

Set working directory

setwd("D:/R_workspace/WIPRO3/Wipro-3/extdata/") library(vcfR) library(BiocGenerics) library(gdsfmt) library(SNPRelate) library(SeqSQC)

Load the input files

infile <- system.file("extdata", "examples_sub.vcf", package="SeqSQC") sample.annot <- system.file("extdata", "UIMA-F-SE8-2nd-S21.txt", package="SeqSQC") cr <- system.file("extdata", "SureSelectXT_V8_Covered.bed", package="SeqSQC") outdir <- "D:/R_workspace/WIPRO3/Wipro-3" outfile <- file.path(outdir, "testWrapUp") outfile [1] "D:/R_workspace/WIPRO3/Wipro-3/testWrapUp" seqfile <- sampleQC(vfile = infile, output = outfile, capture.region = cr, sample.annot = sample.annot, format.data = "NGS", format.file = "vcf", QCreport = FALSE) Load vcf file ... Start file conversion from VCF to SNP GDS ... Method: exacting biallelic SNPs Error in VCF_SampID(vcf.fn[i]) : Error VCF format: invalid sample id! In addition: Warning message: In file(filename, "rt") : file("") only supports open = "w+" and open = "w+b": using the former

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