Coding Style for BioC Package submissions: camelCaps or snake_case?
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Hi everyone,

I am in the process of preparing a Bioc submission and I am a bit confused by the code style convention. Which one of the following is the acceptable practice?

This page from 2015 recommends using "camelCaps" for variable and functions. But at the same time, it suggests using Hadley Wickham's style guide, which clearly suggests using "snake_case."

I am personally leaning towards the latter as it is much more human-readable, but I also want to make sure my package makes it to the Bioconductor. Any suggestions?

Best, Pourya Naderi

BiocCheck style • 144 views
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I am not sure saying 'see also' is necessarily a recommendation? I always thought it was meant to troll the tidyverse-averse amongst us. I would personally stick with what's on that page, using camelCaps. Using a character in function names that requires you (on a QWERTY keyboard at least) to stretch your right ring finger waaaaaay up into the top row every time you want to type a function name? Nobody loves that.

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I would have said the same thing about Herring in Cream Sauce, but apparently there are people who _love_ that ...


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