How to do functional analysis on differentially expressed gene list from RNA-seq data?
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Omurice • 0
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Hi all,

I am a complete beginner in terms of bioinformatics analysis and I am hoping to complete some functional analysis on some differentially expressed gene lists of some RNA seq data. However, I am a bit lost on how/best way to start: Below are the columns of the DE gene lists that I am operating upon (which seems to be quite different from other example data I’ve seen from various vignettes)

Ensembl Gene ID, RPKM of condtion 1, RPKM of condition 2, FDR 0.05, gene start, gene end, gene strand, gene name, gene description

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to import/modify this data into R so that will allow me to use a tutorial/vignette of sorts to perform GO or KEGG pathway analysis etc? (should/can I convert the RPKM to log2foldchange and pvalues? If so, how would I go about doing this?)

Thank you!

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