Questions about non-model organisms gene enrichment analysis
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Hi, I am doing the RNA-Seq data analysis of a non-model organism these days, and a few questions occurred to me. The non-model organism doesn't have a orgDb, so I have to use the When we do ORA for gene function enrichment, we need the 'Gene Ratio' and 'Background Gene Ratio' to confirm the significance of a specific GO term or KEGG pathway. Since different species have different gene numbers, is the significance of a GO term based on the human 'Background Gene Ratio' still meaningful for the non-model organism?

Looking forward to your help!

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I didn't read much past this point

The non-model organism doesn't have a orgDb, so I have to use the

Because nothing past that statement is relevant. You cannot just slot the annotation data for one species in for another and expect things to work.

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Thanks a lot for your reply! I am analyzing the RNAseq data of a non-model organism that doesn't have an annotation database, someone advised me to use the annotation database of humans instead. I think it maybe not make sense.


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