PCA plot, plus sign?
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Alena • 0
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United States

Hello, i am unsure what I am typing wrong for my code. I am trying to make a PCA plot with the data above. after typing in the code plotPCA(rld, intgroup = c("endometrium") I get a (+) sign. Not sure what to put for this? THANK YOU

The enter image description here

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sessionInfo( )
pathwayPCA • 585 views
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Kevin Blighe ★ 3.9k
Last seen 23 days ago
Republic of Ireland

Hey, it looks like you are using RStudio - not a favourite of mine due to the fact that it uses more resources (than the standard R IDE) and often interferes incorrectly with the code formatting in a predictive manner. It also makes code look less --not more-- tidy.

In this case, you simply need to add an extra parenthesis to your plotPCA() commands:

plotPCA(rld, intgroup = c('endometrium'))
plotPCA(rld, intgroup = c('fallopiantube'))

Kind regards,



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