Recount3 error with default "recount3_url" option
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Hi, I just went to try out some things with recount3 and found that there seems to be an issue with the default data location, resulting in the "Error: 'recount3_url' is not a valid supported URL since it's missing the URL/<organism>/homes_index text file or 'recount3_url' is not an existing directory in your file system.".

I installed the most recent version of the package, but the default URL is the same and gives the same error. I noticed in project_homes() that it can only reach that error if curl says the URL doesn't exist, and sure enough the default URL that project_homes() builds, is sending an HTTP 302 redirect to but RCurl::url.exists() seems to not treat a 302 as a successful response and returns FALSE. Running project_homes(organism = "human", recount3_url = "") works fine, as does available_projects(recount3_url = "").

Presumably this is a temporary issue with

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Just got the same error. Right now it seems that doesn't work as well.

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Thank you for your interest in recount3 (and recount2).

We've been documenting this issue at The IDIES link you were using changed recently to However, we now have a new (2nd) host thanks to AWS at This is now the default host used by our load balancer duffel ( recount3 version 1.9.1 documents these new hosts

Note that you need TLS version 1.2 or newer which most people have. If you encounter any new issues, please let us know at

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Thanks! Leo


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