DiffBind - how to prep the sample matrix when multiple bam files are used by MACS2's -t and -c param?
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Hi everyone!

When we prepare the sampleSheet matrix for the DiffBind::dba function, we may have 2 columns for bam files - 1 for ChIP bam and 1 for Input/IgG bam.

Here I have 2 bam files for ChIP and 2 bam files for IgG per sample, and I supply all to MACS2 callpeak (two bams after the -t and two bams after -c),

This would output 1 single output narrowPeak per sample.

In such case how to write the sampleSheet matrix? Do you think I should put the 2 ChIP(or IgG) bams into two different rows on the same column?

My 2 bam files for ChIP(IgG) are actually from 2 replicates. My purpose of doing things above is to merge replicates - which of course can be done in other ways.

Thank you!

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If you essentially combined multiple BAM files in the MACS call, you could then just combine them using samtools cat, in which case you only need one row per sample.

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