scRNA-seq data trained model can be used for predictions on bulk RNA-seq data?
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By utilizing the scRNA-seq data coming from mammary epithelial cells of young and Old cells, I shortlisted the aging signature genes (13 genes) by performing the differential gene expression (DGE) analysis on the scRNA-seq data. Then I utilized this13 genes (aging signatures) scRNA-seq data to construct an LDA model to predict the age of cells. Its straightforward that I can definitely use this model to predict the age of the cells with scRNA-seq data without the age information. However, I want to use this same model to predict the age of the cells that are sequenced with BULK-RNA seq data. Can we predict the age of the cells with BULK-RNA seq data using the same LDA model trained on scRNA-seq data? Kindly explain the reason in either of the case (Yes or NO). Also, If yes, then which strategy works best for making the Bulk-RNA data comparable to use it to for age prediction in the LDA model?

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