clusterProfiler - enrichGO and enrichPathway not returning any results
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I'm attempting to run some gene ontology analysis as well as pathway analysis using the Reactome database, but i'm running into something interesting.

I'm not returning any results. So whenever I go to visualize my data using a dotplot, it returns an empty image. What am I doing wrong?

File is a 6 column typical bed format. Data is in hg19.

data <- readPeakFile($bed)

gene <- seq2gene(data, tssRegion = c(-1000,1000), flankDistance = 3000, TxDb = txdb)

reactome <- enrichPathway(gene)

head(gene, 2)

[1] ID   Description   GeneRatio   BgRatio   pvalue   p.adjust   qvalue   geneID

[9] Count

<0 rows> (or 0-length row.names)

Is this potentially just a result of not having any enriched Pathways? I get a similar problem when I try to use `enrichGO`.


Thank you.

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- What is the actual output of head(gene, 2)? It is certainly not what you show here.... Please also note that gene should be a character vector of  EntrezIDs.

- What happens if you include the argument pvalueCutoff = 1 with enrichPathway(gene)? Maybe you don't have any significant results using the default cutoff value of FDR <0.05.


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