DESeq2 removing columns from model matrix implication
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It is my understanding that when making comparisons both within and between groups with paired samples, but there are a differing number of samples for each condition, the model matrix must be adjusted as such: C: DESeq2 paired and multi factor comparison


I am confused as to what removing elements from the model matrix means. Does this mean that I am losing information from paired samples that don't have a counterpart in the other condition? Am I throwing away information?

I apologize if my question is phrased poorly--I'm pretty confused and would appreciate any clarification. Thank you!


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What's happening is that you are removing columns, corresponding to coefficients to estimate which have no samples for which to estimate those coefficients. Hence, the model matrix has a column of zeros. Ones in the column correspond to samples which will be given a 'beta' in the formula.

So it's definitely not throwing away information. If you tried to fit the model without removing those columns, the software would stop and say some version of: "I can't fit this model because there are no samples to estimate one or more coefficients."

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Great, thank you so much for the clarification


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