how to analyse chip-chip on normalized data without bpmap file or how to select bpmap file for your data(data downloaded from NCBI geo)
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Hello Everyone,

I want to analyse chip-chip data. I have downloaded CEL file and normalized data file from NCBI geo.

1. To call peak using CEL file, I will need bpmap file. I have downloaded bpmap file from different sources.All have extension like M01R, M02R,  .. ,M14R. But for my data I will need to select one for my CEL file. Can anyone please suggest me how to select single bpmap file (from above extension file) for my CEL file.


2. I can also call peak on normalized file downloaded from NCBI GEO. Again I don't know how to select bpmap file. Is there any way to do without bpmap file 

Thank you In advance.


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