Question: odd results "No enrichment found in any of gene cluster"
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joseph40 wrote:

I have two gene list as below, one of them is able to obtain an enriched KEGG pathway, the other one cannot.

I consolidate them to one list, and carry on the KEGG enrichment, none of pathway has been found.

The link of .Rdata of these lists, please use list, list_edge, list_limma to access.


list_limma = list(doublePos_vs_singlePos_limma = DEG_doublePos_vs_singlePos_limma$ENTREZID,
                  doublePos_vs_singlePos_limma_Up = DEG_doublePos_vs_singlePos_limma_Up$ENTREZID,
                  doublePos_vs_singlePos_limma_Down  = DEG_doublePos_vs_singlePos_limma_Down$ENTREZID,
                  doublePos_vs_doubleNeg_limma = DEG_doublePos_vs_doubleNeg_limma$ENTREZID,
                  doublePos_vs_doubleNeg_limma_Up = DEG_doublePos_vs_doubleNeg_limma_Up$ENTREZID,
                  doublePos_vs_doubleNeg_limma_Down = DEG_doublePos_vs_doubleNeg_limma_Down$ENTREZID)

list_edge = list(doublePos_vs_singlePos_edge = DEG_doublePos_vs_singlePos_edge$table$ENTREZID,
                 doublePos_vs_singlePos_edge_Up = DEG_doublePos_vs_singlePos_edge_Up$table$ENTREZID,
                 doublePos_vs_singlePos_edge_Down = DEG_doublePos_vs_singlePos_edge_Down$table$ENTREZID,
                 doublePos_vs_doubleNeg_edge = DEG_doublePos_vs_doubleNeg_edge$table$ENTREZID,
                 doublePos_vs_doubleNeg_edge_Up = DEG_doublePos_vs_doubleNeg_edge_Up$table$ENTREZID,
                 doublePos_vs_doubleNeg_edge_Down = DEG_doublePos_vs_doubleNeg_edge_Down$table$ENTREZID)

levels(list_limma) = c("doublePos_vs_singlePos","doublePos_vs_singlePos_Up","doublePos_vs_singlePos_Down",

levels(list_edge) = c("doublePos_vs_singlePos","doublePos_vs_singlePos_Up","doublePos_vs_singlePos_Down",

list = list(doublePos_vs_singlePos = c(DEG_doublePos_vs_singlePos_limma$ENTREZID,DEG_doublePos_vs_singlePos_edge$table$ENTREZID),
            doublePos_vs_singlePos_Up = c(DEG_doublePos_vs_singlePos_limma_Up$ENTREZID,DEG_doublePos_vs_singlePos_edge_Up$table$ENTREZID),
            doublePos_vs_singlePos_Down  = c(DEG_doublePos_vs_singlePos_limma_Down$ENTREZID,DEG_doublePos_vs_singlePos_edge_Down$table$ENTREZID),
            doublePos_vs_doubleNeg = c(DEG_doublePos_vs_doubleNeg_limma$ENTREZID,DEG_doublePos_vs_doubleNeg_edge$table$ENTREZID),
            doublePos_vs_doubleNeg_Up = c(DEG_doublePos_vs_doubleNeg_limma_Up$ENTREZID,DEG_doublePos_vs_doubleNeg_edge_Up$table$ENTREZID),
            doublePos_vs_doubleNeg_Down = c(DEG_doublePos_vs_doubleNeg_limma_Down$ENTREZID,DEG_doublePos_vs_doubleNeg_edge_Down$table$ENTREZID))

levels(list) = c("doublePos_vs_singlePos","doublePos_vs_singlePos_Up","doublePos_vs_singlePos_Down",


CompKEGG_limma <- compareCluster(geneCluster = list_limma, fun = "enrichKEGG",organism="hsa", pvalueCutoff=1)

CompKEGG_edge <- compareCluster(geneCluster = list_edge, fun = "enrichKEGG",organism="hsa", pvalueCutoff=1)

CompKEGG <- compareCluster(geneCluster = list, fun = "enrichKEGG",organism="hsa", pvalueCutoff=1)


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Hong Kong
Guangchuang Yu870 wrote:

your code is not reproducible.

pls see also C: Subset of genes can find a term but whole set cannot.

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I can understand the principle of gene enrichment. I just so surprised about nonpathway can be matched because the list is approx 1000+, even without significance (I set pvalueCutoff = 1), should have some gene match to KEGG pathway. I doubt if the list feature causes the problem? I check several times, not conclude, so have to raise the question.

What's the error do you get when you reproduce my code?

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> CompKEGG <- compareCluster(geneCluster = list, fun = "enrichKEGG",organism="hsa", pvalueCutoff=1)
Error in compareCluster(geneCluster = list, fun = "enrichKEGG", organism = "hsa",  :
  No enrichment found in any of gene cluster, please check your input...
> CompKEGG <- compareCluster(geneCluster = list, fun = "enrichKEGG",organism="hsa", pvalueCutoff=1, qvalueCutoff=1)
> head(CompKEGG, 2)
                 Cluster       ID
1 doublePos_vs_singlePos hsa04141
2 doublePos_vs_singlePos hsa05120
                                                 Description GeneRatio  BgRatio
1                Protein processing in endoplasmic reticulum    25/626 166/7271
2 Epithelial cell signaling in Helicobacter pylori infection    13/626  68/7271
       pvalue  p.adjust    qvalue
1 0.003948754 0.6872773 0.6813311
2 0.004707379 0.6872773 0.6813311
1 10802/3320/29979/22926/23645/10483/6746/27102/10484/824/9373/6747/9532/7353/23471/51726/7466/9978/54788/64215/5611/10273/80343/56886/80700
2                                                                           102/5803/3576/245973/8992/1445/5336/83700/3551/526/523/5058/1956
1    25
2    13

ADD REPLYlink written 6 months ago by Guangchuang Yu870

In the compareCluster documents,  I can't find the default qvalueCutoff setting. In the above situation, no enrichment can be found when pvalueCutoff = 1, but 2 enrichment show up when set q = 1. I suppose the default q had been set less than 1. Is that right?

ADD REPLYlink written 6 months ago by joseph40

yes, and the parameter list of compareCluster depends on the fun parameter. In your case, all enrichKEGG parameters can be passed to compareCluster.

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