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I have RNAseq data from four groups(A, B, C, and D). I used DESeq 2 for Data normalization and transformation. Afterward, I was doing a pairwise correlation analysis for each group. I had no problem performing the correlation analysis for A, B, and C. However, doing the fourth group(D) got a Warning message: In sqrt(1 - h * h): NaNs produced. For the correlation analysis, I used a CRAN software called Hmisc. What would be the possible reason?

Best, Amare

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This is not a question related to DESeq2 and would be more suited to a general bioinformatics forum like Biostars. Hint: check for missing or infinite values in your Group D data points. You should also always show the code that you have used and provide some sample input data such that the error can be reproduced.


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