How to extract top DEG and their sample values
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I would like to know how to extract a dataframe containing the most Differentially Expressed Genes of my dataset but also the values for each sample, so I can use those for further analysis and visualisation plots.

After running this, I understand I see the genes with padj, Logfold basemean ETC

dds <- DESeq(dds)
res <- results(dds)

However, the output desired somwthing like this :


Genes            padj     Sample1     Sample2    Sample3     ...
Gene 1         0.0001      23423         42423        234234
Gene 2         0.001        23                 234            4234
Gene 3         0.01           2342             575          56756

Or just knowing how to extract the list of top DEG and their values across samples?


DESeq2 RNASeq • 40 views
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Again, this is not related, specifically, to any issue with DESeq2, and would be more suited to a general bioinformatics or coding forum.

You can retrieve the 'normalised' counts via the DESeq2::counts() function (check the manual page for this function). If you want the transformed expression levels, then take a look at vst() and rlog(). These are all mentioned in the vignette. After that, you just need a few simple sub-setting commands in order to align the test statistics to these counts / expression levels.



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