Plot terms with a NES < 0 GSEA results from gseGO
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I've run gseGO on my gene list and would like to find a nice way to show my results, I've always find it hard to display GSEA results. Emapplot seems to be a nice option however, as every other function that I know to display GSEA results from clusterProfiler, it shows both terms with a positive or negative NES, but I would like to be able to show the terms that are enriched in one or the other category of my diffferential expression analysis.

Is there anyway to do so? Is there other type of plots where this is possible?

(I've trie to subset terms with negative NES for example but emapplot doesn't work on data.frame, and I've not found a parameter of emapplot sying which term to display)

Thanks a lot!

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Hey, I know it's been a while since you posted this but I had a similar issue some days ago (I actually had the inverse problem, I had separate positive and negative results from an ORA analysis and wanted to plot them in the same graph) and found this post quite useful. Maybe you can follow that code in order to "build" an artificial enrichment result object with only the positive or negative NES


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