tximport with salmon bootstraps and edger/deseq2
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Code should be placed in three backticks as shown below

# include your problematic code here with any corresponding output 
# please also include the results of running the following in an R session 
rep <- tximport(files, type = 
"salmon",countsFromAbundance="scaledTPM",varReduce=F, txOut = 
F,tx2gene=tx2gene,ignoreTxVersion = TRUE)
> names(rep)
[1] "abundance"           "counts"              "infReps"             "length"
[5] "countsFromAbundance"
# From this point on, I have a difficulty on how to use these data on 
#edgeR or deseq2, since I don't know how to take the bootstrap data 
#into account. I have performed similar analyses using the TPM values 
#without bootstraps but I can't really figure how to import them as 
#well. Hence, I kindly request if you can propose a way to continue 
#with my downstream analysis
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We found in our paper on inferential uncertainty that making use of bootstrap/Gibbs replicates didn't have a huge impact on gene-level analysis (see Fig 2 for example).

If you are interested in transcript-level analysis, I'd recommend to consider the Swish method and vignette, which we've developed from our group particularly for use with tximport / tximeta and making use of the inferential samples:


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