Using Deseq2 for RNA-seq analysis of 4 different groups of cells
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yonatan • 0
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Hello, my name is Jonathan I'm new to R and to RNA-seq. I have a question regarding a project I'm working on. I want to compare differential expression of RNA within 4 different groups of cells (different tumors). can I use DESEQ2 for that even though the cell are not paired or is there any other tool in order to do so? if someone can link me a manual for that kind of analysis I would be grateful. thank you for your support, Jonathan.

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ATpoint • 390
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Hi, since this is not a technical question that requires the developers expertise I suggest you post this over at and add some background, for example the number of replicates per group, and what these samples are. In general the DESeq2 vignette is a great place to start.


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