News:Early career researchers: nominate to present your work at BVCN virtual conference on microbiome research
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Posted on behalf of Ben Tully:

The Bioinformatics Virtual Coordination Network ( is an online community of Early Career Researchers committed to reducing entry barriers into bioinformatics. In June 2021, we are hosting a virtual conference that will bring together a diverse group of Early Career Researchers from across the globe who are equally committed to reducing such entry barriers.

The goal of the conference is to provide a step-by-step open access series of presentations that demonstrate state-of-the-art bioinformatics pipelines within microbiome research. We want to demonstrate to microbiologists everywhere how to think about and approach complex biological questions through the lens of microbiology.

I am reaching out to the Bioconductor community to extend our open invitation for speaker nominations to your members. We are looking for early career researchers (graduate students, postdocs, junior faculty) who display a commitment to open science, data and/or protocols across microbial research within environmental, biomedical and biotech disciplines to speak. Our speakers will have a chance to reach an international audience and disseminate their research across microbiology disciplines.

If this would be of interest to your members then please see our nomination form Nominations close on the 15th February 2021. We are striving to make the conference as inclusive as possible with specific plans to have a diverse set of speakers across multiple microbiology sub-disciplines with presentations that are accessible to individuals across the world.

We envision these presentations as hour-long seminars that detail the FULL bioinformatic methods that happen in a body of research (1 or more preprints/publications). We encourage the “full methods'' to include hiccups, dead ends, false positives, and issues that made you want to scream. Additionally, the Organizing Committee will work with the speakers to translate the methods in their presentation into an open format and/or workflow to be hosted on a suitable platform.

We know that this type of presentation deviates from the “standard” presentation format and may require additional content preparation and time investment. As part of our commitment to increasing open access science, we are able to provide speakers with an honorarium to support this endeavour.

Virtual conference details - 7-11 June 2021 The virtual conference will span 5 days, with 2-3 hours of activity each day. Day 1-3: 2 Speaker presentations each day (7-9 June 2021) Day 4: Speaker Q&A Panels (10 June 2021) Day 5: Virtual attendee poster session (11 June 2021) Expected attendee capacity. 75-100 attendees Holistic Bioinformatics Approaches used in Microbiome Research is funded by the Code For Science & Society (CS&S). The BVCN was made possible by grant number GBMF8449 from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation.

Thank you for your time. Kind regards, Ben On behalf of the BVCN conference Selection Committee

-- Dr. Benjamin Tully Research Associate Center for Dark Energy Biosphere Investigations University of Southern California 3616 Trousdale Parkway Los Angeles CA 90089

office: 213-821-0838 @phantombugs

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