limma on RNASeq time-series with patient and batch as blocking factor
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Dear all,

I'm struggeling to find the correct approach to handling batch effects. I have a longitudinal RNA-Seq experiment where patient samples were measured in 3 batches: First the samples from the inital visit (visit 0, batch "baseline") were sequenced, some had to be re-sequenced due to QC issues (batch "baseline_reseq") and finally the follow-up samples from visits 1, 2, 3 came in and were sequenced in the third batch. Here is an example of the meta data matrix:

patient visit batch
s1 0 baseline
s2 0 baseline_resq
s1 1 follow-up
s3 0 baseline
s2 1 follow-up
s3 1 follow-up

For now we're only looking for differentailly expressed genes between visit 0 and visit 1.

I think I should fit a mixed model using the duplicateCorrelation function to account for the batch effects like in this example.

## Limma with batch as blocking factor
dge <- DGEList(counts=counts)
design.test <- data.frame(group=c(rep(1,2), rep(2,2), rep(3,2)), batch=c(1,2,1,2,1,2))
design <- model.matrix(~group, design.test)
dge <- calcNormFactors(dge)
v <- voom(dge, design, plot=FALSE)
corfit <- duplicateCorrelation(v, design, block=design.test$batch)

# re-run voom & dupCorr to get a more accurate fit (recommended [here][1])
v <- voom(dge, design, block=design.test$batch, correlation = corfit$consensus)
corfit <- duplicateCorrelation(v, design, block=design.test$batch)
fit <- lmFit(v, design, block=design.test$batch, correlation=corfit$consensus)
results <- topTable(fit, coef="TimepointT120",

But how do I account for the patient in this case? Would it make sense to combine patient and batch and use the combined factor as blocking factor?

Your advice is much appreciated!


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