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Location: McGill University, Canada

I received my Bachelor in Technology with major in Bioinformatics from Amity University Rajasthan, India in 2014. I did my Bachelor thesis at University of Jena, Germany, where I worked on a Sepsis patient data set and got my thesis published with GRIN publishers. I took my first job as a Visiting Scientist at University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA in 2014. I worked on Cancer patient datasets obtained from TCGA, ICGC and Cosmic consortiums. My findings suggest that mitochondria directed therapies can impact survival of epithelial ovarian cancer patients, which is published in Oncotarget. I have also worked on Proteomes from Pfam and Uniprot databases, aiming to create a N-gram language models of protein domain architecture to investigate evolution and to derive a new method of phylogenetic tree construction. My background and training is in Bioinformatics (Data Science) and am currently pursuing a M.Sc. at McGill University, Montréal, Canada.

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