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Location: Argentina/Cordoba/Universidad Católica de Córdoba (CONICET)


  • Bioengineer at Universidad Nacional de Entre Ríos, Argentina (2008),
  • PhD in Engineering Sciences at Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Argentina (2014).

Present work:

  • Post-doctoral fellow at Bioscience Data Mining Group, Universidad Católica de Córdoba (UCC), Arg.
  • Professor in Statistics and probability, Head of Practical Assignments in Artificial Intelligence and  Data Structures at UCC, Arg.

Fields of interest:

  • Data mining, machine learning and artificial intelligence related fields.
  • Gene expression, functional genomics/proteomics, gene ontology and biological pathways.
  • Statistical analysis, parametric and non-parametric models and biostatistics/bioinformatics.
  • Collaborative work/research.

R package developer/maintainer

  • Bioconductor: lmdme, RDAVIDWebService and pbcmc.
  • CRAN: anfis

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