MACAT gene list. Over and under expressed
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Hi people, I'm using MACAT, and I would like to know how to split the final gene list (the one obtained with evalScoring) in over and under expressed genes for example with : endMACAT = evalScoring(diffMACAT, class = MACATclass, chromosome = MACATchr, nperms = 1000, kernel = kNN, kernelparams = evalkNNchr$best, cross.validate= FALSE) plotting it in html format with: plot(endMACAT, output="html") I obtain a list of 108 genes, related to chromosomic regions. I can see on the graph that some are overxpressed and some underexpressed, but they are mixed on the output table.... How can I obtain these two lists (if is possible)... ? I tried with evalScoring ouput values but no big results... Thanks a lot in advance... Giulio
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