Import_biom with tree problem
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I'm trying to import my mothur data in phyloseq, by first of all import the list, group and tree files:

   phyl<-import_mothur(mothur_list_file = "", mothur_group_file="", mothur_tree_file = "")

However, I get an error message:

`Error in 3:as.integer(rawlines[2]) :

NA/NaN argument In addition:

Warning messages:

1: In asMethod(object) : NAs introduced by coercion

2: In import_mothur_otulist(mothur_list_file, cutoff) : NAs introduced by coercion`

Apparently, there's a problem with the group file, since I can't really import it whatsoever (gives that error message). So, I've tried with import_biom:

   phyl<-import_biom(BIOMfilename = "", treefilename = "")

Which, in turn, gives the error output:

`Error in validObject(.Object):

invalid class “phyloseq” object: Component taxa/OTU names do not match.

Taxa indices are critical to analysis. Try taxa_names()`

Is there any suggestion about importing mothur files "directly from the pipeline?

Note: I've seen post suggestion using different tree-producing softwares, but those also require several modifications of the trees. I would like to know if there's a more straightforward solution

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Solved in phyloseq github; Issue #408:
Removing the label-row from list file solved the problem


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