Error with ComplexHeatmap. Showing only part of image.
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I used the Heatmap function for making a heatmap with 9000 rows. It works properly.

Then I converted all the numbers to 0 and 1 and tried running the same script again. It showed only a part of heatmap. I tried reducing the number of rows and that gave me a proper heatmap but with 9000 rows this doesn't work. Can anyone please help. I am unable to understand what happened here or why it didn't work ? There was no error or warning message.

Later I increased the memory to 20GB used the same script. I got the following errors Error: node stack overflow Error in structure(r, class = "dendrogram") : node stack overflow Any suggestion how to solve this.

I appreciate your help.

Thanking you Sincerely

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You should probably post code to reproduce the error including the packages you have loaded and sessioninfo() otherwise it is really hard to guess what might have gone wrong.


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